Friday, March 12, 2010

Une Cuisinier Francaise

C'est moi!

I have decided to come back to blogging about my french life! I initially started my blog to document my experiences while studying in Lyon, France, which I did, but YOU GUYS, my french life did not stop there! I love france, I love the language, the culture, the art and the food! When I came back to the states, I started my winter quarter back at UCLA with 2 french courses so I can continue learning the language. Now the quarter is over and it was a sucess =) Next quarter I am taking another french course so I can continue to master this beautiful language.

Well, my new adventure, or project, whatever you want to call it, is to begin documenting my French food experiments. My lovely roommate, Melissa, brought home a cook book called "Barefoot in Paris" and the moment I opened in and read the first page, I started freaking out. Every recipe in that book brings me back to my time in France, so it is a MUST that I attempt to make all the recipies in that book! =) Okay, I guess you can kind of say that I am a little inspired by the blogging success of Julie in the movie, Julie and Julia, but I am not execting her publishing success, more so the success that Julie had at accomplishing all those amazing recipies! =) I am not much of a cook, but I have been sincerely trying to accomplish the skill while I am in college so I will be well-experienced later in life.. you know what I mean! ;)

Even though I just discovered this book, I am started now. Cheese puffs. I have all the ingredients and it doesn't take long to make! My next blog will be the outcome.

Thanks! =)
Bonne chance, Mallory.