Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Layers and Layers to a Dress with Cardigan.

I wasn't going to address the fact that I SUCK at blogging right now, but I will. I admit it, I am terrible. And I am sorry that I have been so boring for whoever reads my blog and I am also sorry for never giving you any updates on my Thanksgiving.

Real quick recap:

Thanksgiving was a huge success. 13 showed and the turkey was EXCELLENT. Everyone was so thankful ;) including me. I was so happy that I was actually able to have a real Thanksgiving with people I care about and people who could actually appreciate it. I now understand why my grandmother is always so exhausted after making a Thanksgiving dinner.. IT IS TOUGH WORK!!!!! The irony of my Thanksgiving was that the package I was waiting on that carried all the essentials for my dinner arrived the next morning, AT 9:00 AM!!!! Awful. haha But I managed, and managed very well.

That is me in the back, leaning over the oven, with the striped shirt. hehehe

One week later, when my darling Melissa Hernandez came to visit (SMILES!), we cooked a Thanksgiving Part II, with the stuff from the package, and again, IT WAS SO GOOD!!! She brought cranberry sauce, which was the icing on the cake for a perfect Thanksgiving meal... ;)

Now, the reason I wanted to write this blog in the first place. In one week's time, Lyon has gone from -5 degrees (Celsius) last weekend to 18 degrees today and tomorrow 1 degree. WHAT IS THAT?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!! That can't be good for my health!! Last week I was wearing layers and layers and today, I'm not kidding, I wore a dress with a cardigan and that's it and I was totally comfortable!

Besides my shock by the drastic change in temperature, I did enjoy 3 days that the snowed lasted. One of the days, I went sledding ;) There aren't really any hills in Lyon, but we created and managed. ;)

Tonight is La Fête des Lumières!!!!! SOOO EXCITING!! =) Watch a clip from the event last year =) (which I was also at, remember!) Its not the best video, but you get an idea of what is called "THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS!" (does anyone else think of Adam Sandler's Hanauka song? lol)