Thursday, September 30, 2010

Highlights on my rainy day.

It is a rainy day in Lyon and I don't have much to do, alors naturally, I come to MacDo for some wifi thievery. =)

The day is still young, but I thought I would tell you a couple of highlights so far.

1) On my walk to MacDo I saw some graffiti on a wall, which some might find ugly according to its monochrome scribble, but it read "Jusqu'au la mort, et même après. Je t'aime." The fact that it is written in French alone makes it pretty, but in English it means, "Until death, and even after. I love you." My heart became warm and I smiled. I can't wait till I find that one person who is searching for the same thing I am searching for. (Sorry for the mushiness. =| Now on to more uplifting highlights)

2) Modern Family. If any of you don't know what Modern Family is, it is a television program on ABC, Wednesday nights I believe. Anyway, one season has already passed, but the new season started last night. YOU MUST WATCH IT. It is by far the best show I have ever seen (well, with the OC as an exception hehe.) I had to download the lastest episode on iTunes because websites that stream the show do not work outside of the U.S. I immediately watched the episode, in MacDo of course, and it was one of the best episodes I have seen. Haha. I was cracking up OUT LOUD in McDonalds and everyone was staring at me.. love it. This show reminds me so much of my relationship with my family - so dear family, WATCH IT!! ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It has taken me long enough to get my France address, but here it is:

Mallory Venema
132 Rue Anatole France
Villeurbanne, 69100, France.

If you want to send me mail, care packages, postcards from the states, I will gladly accept! ;) hehe And if you want anything mailed to you as well, just let me know. I love browsing postcards. You can just comment on this post or write me on facebook to tell me your request and address!

MacDo.. aka: McDonalds has free wifi in France. I totally forgot! hehe =) Also, their food is better here - It doesn't make me sick... In conclusion, many of my blogposts might come from McDonalds.

In France.. McDonalds sells macaroons.
love it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toulon, France... but more importantly, Melissa Hernandez.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting my dear friend, Melissa Hernandez, in the south of France this weekend! =D I took the train from Lyon to Toulon Saturday afternoon (it took only a little over 2 hours) and met Melissa at the train station. She was so cute - she was paying for something at a cash register, when I snuck up behind her to tickle her and when she saw me, she shed tears of excitement! =) teehee, I guess I have that effect on people ;) Naw, really though, it was SOOO exciting and so refreshing to see her beautiful face. Two weeks without seeing her after 9 months of seeing her everyday was killer.

Melissa has taken me around her Marine city of Toulon - which sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where we explored the tiny streets, le marché en plein air (open air market), seaport souvenir shops and any other thing that is very "french." Below are some pictures that we took today while adventuring out in Toulon.

Beautiful, classic French apartments that lay just above the public shops.

THE HIGHLIGHT of Melissa's day. Haha. We were walking around the marché, when we saw this classy old french man, walking around with his cane, fedora and none other but a GOLD DOLLAR SIGN necklace. haha. I take full credit for the very very sneaky work that this picture took to take.

Here lies the Toulon marine base on the Mediterranean Sea - apparently it is the largest military base in France.

Melissa and I enjoyed our first crêpe together in France =) It was SPECTACULAR. And I dedicate my pose in this picture to my friend, Clark Barbieri. ;) Be proud.. and jealous.

Et voila, an up close of the crêpe. Inside were fried bananas, chocolate and kirsch. Mmmm..

Melissa lookin' good with her captain's hat.

And this is more proof that Toulon is a large port city.. with all the striped baby sailor clothes. Very cute.

To end our day we went to the cinemas and saw the American film, The Town. The movie was in French.. unfortunately.. and with no subtitles. Melissa and I understood the gist of the movie and we both concluded that it was probably a really good movie.. BUUUUUT we couldn't understand it. haha. When we came home, we googled the synopsis, and we did, however, understand the movie, but I would like to see it again.. in English of course. Fun fact for everyone, Jeremy Renner - Jem, the supporting actor - grew up in Modesto, CA and I know his half brother!!

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day with Melissa, sadly =( but we are going to the beach, so that should be fun.

À plus tard, mes petites canards.
;) (French equivalent to "See you later alligator.")

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Saving Grace.. BD en bulles.

So I arrived in Lyon 2 days ago, and why is it only NOW that I am making a post? Well, it is because I do not have internet at my apartment. BAAHh, it is the WORST!! Anyway, thank goodness that I am already familiar with Lyon and I knew of this internet cafe from my last trip here. My friend Sam and I would come here all the time, and it is still as hip as I remember- the japanese-looking cartoon drawings on the wall, the smell of croque-monsieur and coffee, and the same heavy-set, yet stylish, short-haired girl at the counter to take my euros.

Things have been okay so far. I got to see my friend Mathea, which was probably my highlight of yesterday. It is really hard because I don't really have anyone to hang with yet, and because I still suck at French, I don't really talk to anyone. My housemate, Claudia, is really sweet and she speaks English, but I don't see her often because she goes to school in the daytime. Fortunately, this weekend I am going to visit my lovely Melissa in Toulon =) I can't wait!! Also, things should get better after next week, I am going to start babysitting these two adorable boys, ages 6 and 3, and then school will start.

Until I can get internet again,
Mallory. =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Adventure?

So, as you see, I never began my French cooking adventure.. I mean, I began it, but failed miserably and just gave up. Bla. That is besides the point, however, I can't believe I have not shared this yet.. I am moving back to Lyon, France!! And when I say I am moving back.. I mean, I am leaving in 5 days. Holy moly.

Some background info:

*In Januray I applied to be a Teaching Assistance for the English language. This is a job, NOT another study abroad program, and it is through the National Ministry of Education in France.
*In April or so, I was notified that I was put on a waitlist, which really bummed me out. =(
*One month later, the program pulled me off the waitlist and placed me in my number ONE choice city, the great Lyon. =)

Over the past months I have not prepared at all.. of course, what do you expect of someone who got her degree in Procrastination? lol I did, however, have an AMAZING summer. I spent it in the beautiful Palos Verdes, CA with the the lovely Melissa Hernandez (check her blog out too: My summer was filled with beaches, sunsets, best friends, Disneyland, weddings, stargazing and concerts. Possibly the best summer ever.

Anyway, now it is crunch time for France. I will be teaching in Villeurbanne (a community just outside the center of Lyon) and I am placed at two different elementary schools. The age group of kids that I will be teaching is ages 8-11. Age 8 is when Frenchies begin to learn English, so lets hope they are eager and enthusiastic! I have no experience in teaching at all, so this is definitely going to be a new kind of adventure for me! I embark this Monday, September 20.. so I will be sure to fill you all in on all things worthy once I am there.

Wish me luck! =) and a Bon Voyage.